Saturday, 25 October 2008

OB's Test Match Blog - Bangladesh - Test One - Day Five

Yeah, fucken, ha!!

A Test win. They feel so good. Only the 3rd I have been apart of. All against Bangladesh, incidentally.

So, we started the day needing to get to 317. A record chase for NZ away from home to win a Test. So not only was it a tough ask, but it had never been done before by any NZ team. But we felt confident. Yeah, sure, quite twitchy; but we were confident. There was a pretty good feel around the changing room before we went out for warm ups. Warm ups was geared towards the incoming batter. I went and practiced my fielding with the fielding coach. Always something to work on. I'll do some batting practice at the lunch break; I shouldn't be needed before then, and if i am, then we're well in trouble.

Great first session. Just the two wickets. Redders for a new high score; he's gutted, he knows he let a special one get away. "One ball, one ball," he keeps repeating to himself. We all understand that he just partially switched off for 'one ball.' And that's all it takes. One movement not quite correct enough, not quite confident enough, maybe be a little lazy/tired. It just takes one ball, no matter how 'in' you are. A poor shot from Taylor is the only piece of cricket in the morning that we can be disappointed at. Dan comes off the park, he's crappitty smacked. But he's looking good out in the middle. Honestly how this guy does it, we just don't know! Special, special player!

2nd session starts good. Ticking along. There's no rush, time is not a problem. Brendon gets a shocker. Pitched well outside leg stump, probably wasn't even going to turn enough to hit either, and, oh dear, we're in a little bit of bother. Enter Flynn. Nervous starter, scratched around for quite a while, leaving a few of us in the changing room twitching a bit. He comes good, and the two Dan's are in control. The chat starts to come back in the changing room. Big peaks and troughs depending on how it's going out in the middle. Lots of chat, banter when things are going well.. and then the opposite when things get tense, nervous. You can see guys loosen up, in the changing room, as partnerships are formed. Interesting study, if you ever get a chance!!

The Dan's get us through into the 3rd session. Danny V comes off at tea feeling pretty good. A lot better than he was a lunch. It's funny how energy levels ebb and flow during a day. He's batted for just over 4 hours and he feels better than he did just after 2hrs. The 'dirtys' are doing a great job keeping the drinks run out to the boys in the middle. An undervalued job the 'dirtys' do!!

The win within sight now, and Dan (V) has a heave at one. Bowled. We're still confident. I think we needed 19 at this stage. Which is about the total, at the start of the day, if I was left with, I think I could hang on for with the guy at the other end. A 10th wicket partnership of 20 to win the Test. I liked the way it sounded, but prayed that it wouldn't come down to me!

Flynnie on 49, with one run needed to win, goes and gets himself out. That's the second 49 he's got. He's, quite obviously, gutted. Knacked, soaking wet through, and gutted.

Mills survives the over, Jake gets through the next. I would normally be starting to get some kit on to go in at 11 at this stage. Seven down, 11 should be getting ready. I wasn't. I didn't. If we lost another wicked with one run needed, then, yes, it would be a quick pad up. But I don't think I'll be needed. And I wasn't. A misfield at mid off see us through to a historic Test match win. The previous best, in the sub content, was 88 I think, in Pakistan. 82, actually, I just looked it up.

And what do we do after a Test win... well, you'll never know. Cause it's all about us! Our night. Our time to shine. Although this one was different, cause we had to fly back to Dhaka at 8.30, so celebrations were somewhat stifled!

Boys, there we have it. My first blog of any kind, and it just so happens to be one of the toughest matches I've ever played in.

Day off today, a well deserved on at that.

Our captain is amazing. That is one special Test match for him. And it's a pleasure, honor and great fun playing along side a legend!

Some interesting stats

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