Sunday, 26 October 2008

OB's Test Match Blog - Bangladesh - Test Two - Day Two

Alarm set for 6.15, that gives me an hour to get ready before I have to be on the bus. Today, no different. Except there is no chance we are going to go to the ground. I wake at 5.30, arse, and check the weather, I can still rain splashing in the puddles on the roof below my window. There is just no chance we'll play today. But we have to be ready to leave at 7.15, just in case..

So down to brekie at 6.45, I'm pretty confident that we won't leave the hotel. Nothing is ever set in stone cause everything can change so quick with the weather. Phone call from the umpires finally comes in at 7, they'll have a look at 11. So that means we don't have to go till then.

It's status quo outside, in fact the rain got heaver. 11 comes and goes, we get a txt from the manager, "lunch will be served in the 'dinning room' at the hotel and play has been abandoned for the day.

So we did 'coffee.' Sitting in the cafe, about 6 of us, just chillin, watching the Baseball (match 3) on the telly. Down here for quite a while, boys start to drift away. Just myself and Brendon left. He commented the other day in our debrief about my 'ups' and 'downs' on the park. I know this happens to me and it is always something I'm working on. I have always been an emotional player, you'll see that when i get wickets, beat an edge, have a catch dropped. but something that need a little fine tuning. So Baz and I had a chat about that and then along come the photographers from the ground. They start snapping away as we talk. A little annoying when we are 'at home', well as at home as you can be in Bangladesh. So that cut that chat short. There is a photo that has made it onto cricinfo from our chat, but strangely enough, they've only focused on Baz.. surprise surprise. Iain who!!??

So today has been a write off; apart from the 45 mins in the gym, just to keep the engine ticking over.

Tea and then a crew together to watch the Chelsey Liverpool match. I was backing the red team if your interested. I don't really have a team, I guess I will have to one day. C'mon the Gladiators (Matlock)!!??

Right, that's all for now.

Hopefully something a little more interesting tomorrow.


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