Friday, 12 December 2008

NZ vs West Indies – University Oval, Dunedin – Day Two

I said yesterday we were greeted with blue skies; today, not so. 

We got back to the hotel last night at about 7pm.  As we had come off early because of bad light, there were clouds around.  They opened up a little soon after we got back and stayed open for most of the night.  We headed to the ground at 9.45, earlier than yesterday as play was due to start 30 mins earlier.  Due out in the nets at 10.15am to start warm ups.  This was going to be a 'batting' warm up.  We already knew that play was going to be delayed a little because of the rain over night so there was no rush to get across to the nets.  We milled around for a while and then I decided to get padded up and head over for a 'net.'  It was fine when I went into the changing room to get changed, it was very persistent precipitation when I went to walk out; the shortest 'net' of all time.  I turned around, got unchanged and went and made myself a coffee.  This was going to be a long day!  And it was!

These are tough days.  We had a couple over in Bangladesh and I talked about the three types of changing room behaviours.  The 'card school', the 'ball gamers', and the 'readers'.  Today there was just the 'card school' guys that got themselves active.  The rest of us sat around, drank coffee and, well, talked about nothing for quite some time. 

I took some time out of my 'busy' day to have a chat to a couple of the guys about One Day Cricket.  I have only played one ODI for NZ, against England last summer.  I didn't go so well; six overs, one for 59, out of a total of 340 odd.  Not the best, huh!  The match was tied, so I guess we would have lost it if I had of gone for one more run (that's me looking on the bright side!).  My domestic record isn't too bad, and when I got my chance at the next level I had a bad day.  I really want another chance to play again, to prove that I can do it and be as successful as I have been in this last year with Test cricket.  I had a chat to Millsy about plans, variations and the 'transfer' between Test match bowling and ODI bowling.  Transfer meaning the similarities in skills from one form to the other.  Then I went to Baz for a similar chat.  Right then, now all I have to do is to convince the selectors that I deserve another shot.  I'll leave that till tomorrow!

Looks like a sponsor has come through for some boots too.  Happy days.  I won't hold my breath, but just maybe my first pair of free boots.  I'll let you know by Monday, so that I can give them some 'air' time on there as thanks!!

We had lunch at the ground at 1.30pm and at 2pm the umpires were having a look to see what time play could be possible.  It was at this stage the blue sky peeped out from behind the clouds. All this did was make us stay at the ground for an extra hour.  It didn't appear that we would be able to get out and play because the outfield was a touch damp.  So the Umps' said they'd look again at 3pm.  Not 10 minutes later it got dark again and the rains came back in.  Thus ending the days chance of play.  Load up, and back to the hotel and off to the gym for a cardio and a 'core' session.  Thirty mins spread around the cardio equipment  and then off to the mats to work the abs'. 

And that's about the whole day.  Did some washing this afternoon, wondered the streets to fill in some time and have just had some tea.  I'll get this posted early so that I can have the rest of the night off.  Not that there is much to do but sit on the bed and watch telly.


Ross Calverley said...

The match should come to Alexandra... Fine all day.

Rowan said...

Ever thought about changing your name to Mclovin?

No but seriously you boys are going to get heaps of lbw's now the authorities have brought the reviews into play. Challenge everything mate


Brat said...

The girls (and boys) wish you well for tomorrow... Though we wish you would have played while we were able to drink and watch!

If a short woman aproaches you tomorrow with a request for a photo and a sign that says "actual size!" please say yes!

Ram said...
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Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder about the decision to come off for the supposed "bad light" on the first day. Was this discussed at all? The way I saw it was we were quite nicely on top and going along at quite a good run rate. Then coming off for supposed bad light and loosing 15+ overs of possible run scoring. Now that another day has been lost a result may be too far out of reach!

Good luck for today, rooting for you guys!!

Ross Calverley said...

Iain, have you moved to cricinfo?

Anonymous said...

Hey Iain,

I'm interested to know your opinion on the whole "wet outfield" situation. I suppose you guys don't want to go out and risk injury, but seriously it is getting ridiculous. The umpires should either make the decision to play, or just call the whole day off.

Jase said...

It was great to get down to the Uni Oval today and watch you guys....eventually!..(must have been more frustrating for you waiting in the shed for the outfield to dry!).
Anyway, work beckons tomorrow so unable to come down to the ground but wish you all the best in knocking over those Windies and hopefully making them bat 2nd time around tomorrow! ;o)