Tuesday, 16 December 2008

NZ vs West Indies – University Oval, Dunedin – Day Five

I love Wellington, but, on days like today, I really hate the place.  You see, Wellington is known for its wind.  And when travelling between cities we fly.  Wind, flying and me don’t mix to well.  Today is no exception.  Leaving Dunedin with slightly overcast but still skies was nice; however, the descent in to Wellington was terrible.  I get motion sickness and the bump, drop, bump, drop motion does nothing for me, well actually it does, and it makes me feel very, very bad!  And here I sit in the lounge, writing this with an ice water sitting next to me and a motion sickness pill to take before we board our next flight to Napier.  I should have had it before leaving Dunedin this morning!

Anyway, onto the cricket.  Alas, nothing to report on for yesterday.  We left the hotel for the ground at normal time.  A small drift of drizzle was about but nothing of note.  Not much had changed by the time we got to the ground apart from the cloud build up was a little greater.  Ten minutes later and that had changed quite a bit.  It was now proper drizzling; not quite raining, but more than just wisp of rain.  Another 10 minutes after that it was raining.  

We knew, as players, that with this rain, play today probably wouldn’t happen.  The outfield still wasn’t great from the rain earlier in the match and it really didn’t need a top up of water.  The thing was too, that with the amount of time we had already lost in the match a result was going to be a hard one to work.  And losing more time today did nothing for that cause.  So, in all honesty, going out to play once things had dried up was of no consequence to the result.  And when play was called off, just after an early lunch at 1.30pm, it was actually the best weather there had been in Dunedin for the whole match.  Irony!?

So, pack up time it was.  I had spent the morning in and out of the changing rooms, including a real surprise visit by a dog.  I have a couple of very good friends who work for the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind in Wellington.  And through those friends I have had the honour of having a ‘Guide Dog’ puppy named after me.  So there is an 11 month old black Labrador called Iain.  Yup, a silly name for a dog, but I like it and he responds to it which was cool to see.  And he turned up to the ground yesterday to see me, with its ‘walker’, of course.  I’m not a massive animal fan, but this dog might just have changed me; just a great little dog with such a great temperament.  They reckon he’ll be a great guide dog too.  I had my photo taken with him and had a real enjoyable time talking to the ‘walker’, as they’re called, and hanging with Iain.  That was the highlight of the day really.

I grabbed Daren Powell aside for a chat during the morning too.  He had played some League cricket at a club that’s not far from where I live in England (when I’m there) so we knew some people in common.  Spent about half an hour just chatting about ‘stuff’, good chat, funny guy!  And that was about the extent the ‘cricket’ day.  Cricket gear on the van, back to the hotel and straight to the gym for a weights session.  A good full work out and the walk back to the hotel was a little wobbly, legs a touch rubbery and arms not wanting to work properly.  Shower, pack, luggage down stairs ready to be trucked to Napier and down to the bar for a couple of quiets with the guys.

Here I sit, in wet and windy Wellington (I really DO love the place, just hate flying into it!) waiting for our connecting flight to Napier.  Feeling a whole lot better too!  And I’ll leave it here as Dan wants a chat, a bit of a debrief for the match just gone and to cover off some stuff for this next Test starting Friday.


Anonymous said...

As always, good to read :)

I also get motion sickness...have never flown into Wellington, but I know exactly how you felt. Terrible feeling..take a couple of marzine next time, they really do the trick but leave you completely loopy for a couple of hours :P

Looking forward to the Napier test..should have some good warm weather! Good luck and give 'em hell!

Anonymous said...

Tell Dan that he needs to get Mark Gillespie on a diet. That boy has put on 3 stone since he last played for NZ.

Get him training with you iain, show him how it's done

Anonymous said...

Good luck for the Napier Test Iain!

Hope the result goes our way this time.

Btw Mark Gillespie looks huge!!! What are you feeding that guy? I'm impressed he can still bowl quick given the weight he's carrying

Big G said...

I have noticed alot of sledging from the black caps of late and seems that you Iain are behind most of it. Good on ya mate tell those aussies were they can get off :)
Also agreed that gillespie is rather big compared to his last apperance. That was the same with Jesse Rider when he started playing for us.
Couple of tests and hell lose a bit of it hopefully :P

Brat said...

Gillespie in the curry club then?

Phil said...

I agree, Gillespie really needs to start pulling his own weight so to speak.
One thing that has always worried me is the mental approach of our batsman. They always look timid and sketchy. They look like they are afraid to get out. As a cricketer myself i was always taught to always believe that you are better no matter who is bowling. To be thinking "Where can i score runs off this bowler" instead of "I hope i don't get out".
In my opinion Crickets all about confidence.

Herb said...

Hi Iain, great blog. Hey when you were in Aus facing the fast bowlers you mentioned getting your eyes checked. If you want that done while you're in Napier give me a call, it'll take half an hour and I'm in the book - Herb Maynard.

Terry said...

Great Blog mate but you rally need to sort out your flying probs... How can you expect to make megabucks in IPL if you ain't gonna fly from Mohali to Mumbai on a daily basis? I am sure you will overcome the fear of flying then Ian my old son. New franchises coming up...Eyes down look in. I think you would do well in the the 20/20 IPL as you hit the deck hard and in the 'corridor of uncertainty' as Sir Geoffry would say. Great Blog Ian and keep it up and maybe extend it to provisional games so a geezer in Uganda like me can see how it all works at that level. I do followthe NZ domestic stuff thru Cricinfo. Keep it up fella.....

Anonymous said...

west indies are going to beat yoll so bad!

Johnny said...

How many hours a day do you spend training, on bowling and batting respectively?