Saturday, 10 January 2009

Wellington vs Canterbury - plus other thoughts

As it stands I won't be a part of the One Day series against the West Indies. I got the phone call a couple of nights ago and was told that they were staying with the same bowling unit. How can I argue, they're going great, doing their jobs and staying fit; everything they should be doing! And on the other side of it I'm doing everything I can to show that I'm up to International One day cricket. I'm bowling in the positions that the selectors have asked me to I'm hitting the areas, pretty much, that I should be but I probably haven't got the wickets that they'd want of me.

Our most recent game against Canterbury was another one of those poor performances that don't do anyone any good. You can come out of some bad matches with a couple of people doing well, this one though, no one really shone out. We put in a pretty good bowling performance and a score of about 270 was probably what Canterbury should have got to; we held them to 242 by picking up wickets towards the end of the innings.

I bowled my 10 overs by the 40th and took myself off the park. My back, which has been tightening up in the last match, was getting pretty sore. It didn't affect my bowling but it wasn't great to be standing around with in the outfield. I got some treatment as soon as I was off the park and it loosened up quite quickly, but as there was no point me heading back out there I took the time to keep resting it and doing the back arches that would help it settle down.

So, 242 to chase; not a huge target but one that was going to take some getting if Canterbury's attack got it right, and they did. Shane Bond came out, bowled quick and swung big and they were tight and consistent from the other end. After nine overs we were 35-1, not too bad, but from there it all went downhill. 45-5 off 15. 95-8. 164 all out. And in that 164 Luke Woodcock and I put on 42 for the 10th wicket, he getting past 50 and I reaching another One Day high score of 19*. In that 19 I hit my 3rd six of my domestic and international career. That added Andrew Ellis to a small group of three that I've put over the fence. Todd Astle in a First Class four day match and some other guy called Ntini or something in a Test match at the Wonderers. I'm not trying to brag or skite, they just don't come around that often so sometimes you just got to tell the world. Sorry Ellie, Todd and Makhaya !!

Still on the hunt for a place to live, why can't it just be easy? Found some good places, but no parking. So it anyone has a one bedroom fully furnished apartment (with some parking) that they want to rent me, get in touch! Am I asking to much??

Sat in and flicked between the NZ vs West Indies ODI and the Aust vs SA Test match. The lads doing a bit of a demo job of the Windies and then some genuine compulsive Test match viewing. It's this kind of Test match cricket that shows that Test cricket is not dead. Not even close. What an afternoon and evening on the couch and I'll be honest, I was flicking quite a bit back and forth, the ODI was a done deal quite early and the Test match just keep twisting and turning; Ntini and Steyn holding on, doing everything they could to hang on for the overs or the storm that was heading in. Seeing the Australians celebrate the 9th wicket like they had won the Test was entertaining especially as the cameras picked up on Smith walking out to bat as soon as he left the changing room. That was one of those wow moment s. I did want them to hang on and clinch the draw too, not to be.

The body is pretty sore at the moment. Tired muscles sore. I've just started a new programme at the gym and whenever you do, with the change of movements with weights, it causes the muscles to get a little grumpy and hurt for a couple of days. Went and saw our massage man this afternoon and then straight to the pool for a swim and a soak in the spa. That felt good in the spa, and the leg started to free up; although now, as I write this, they're sore again, but better than they were.

It's now the day before the next match vs Central Districts at the Basin, just got training in before the rain arrived. It looks like it could be around a while and may interrupt tomorrow match. We prepare to play, as always, but also mentally get prepared to be part of a 'stop start' match where we could be on and off the park.

Lazy afternoon watching the ODI and making sure I eat and drink well in preparation for tomorrows match.


Bruce said...

Keep up the good work Iain and take care with the back.

Anonymous said...

Love you Iain, keep up the hard work.

Robbi BT said...

Fantastic as always. :)

Ard Choille said...

Hope you make the Test team for the Indian series.
Need someone to yell at :P

vandem said...

stop press: Iain's domestic ODI innings today for Wgtn vs Auckland:

1 min
1 ball
6 runs

I'm just trying to calculate the strike rate now. !!!

Jason said...

Iain, your going to encounter a couple of loudmouthed ND fans on Saturday. Dont take anything poersonally, we have to give you shit because your the enemy. Be great if you came up to us so we can shake your hand. Just remember, its war on saturday so bring a thick skin and throw the shit back at us.

Oh, and dont have to good a game.

Brat said...

As I said, Fi has a room... But its in a flat, not an apartment. if youre interested.