Saturday, 4 April 2009

NZ vs India - 3rd Test - Wellington - Day Two

Not the day I was hoping for is an understatement.

I sat down to write this a little earlier but wasn't really in a good mood and what I was typing was a little bit angry, I was having a bit of a moan about a few things, not related to today's play either. But I'll leave all that cause I'm feeling better now; best not to blog angry, huh!?

Today didn't go to plan, I think it's fair to say. It started off pretty well, Tommy (Matrin -> Marto -> Tom Marto.... get it??) picked up Sharma, 1st ball of the 3rd over of the day. We're off the park, boots off and feet up.

I spent the day switching between the changing room and the viewing area trying to change the luck of the guys out there. Don't move seats if someone is in, don't talk about how good someone is playing; these things can jinx or curse and innings. So I was up and about trying to find a place where the luck was good.

Khan bowled really well today, he seemed to have it on a string and even the bad balls ended up as good ones. I've bowled my share of short wide ones and they've ended up at the boundary not wicket taking deliveries, it was with him today.

I was padding up just before tea, I was hoping to be tucking into a big feed as a part of a recovery day. Soon after tea I was in, Khan still bowling well and Singh drifting it and spinning it a little from the other. It was Baz and I again, hopeful of another partnership with him that would bring a little respectability to our score. We were going pretty well together, the pitch was playing pretty flat and I was feeling ok. I got a couple of very good bouncers early, the first one didn't miss by much, just pulling my head out of the way right at the last second. After those couple I was feeling better about picking up the ball and getting under the short ones. If I can get under a couple of bouncers early I start to feel a lot better about batting, it means I'm watching the ball and am picking it up early. When I fend and swing at early bouncers it means I am having issues seeing the ball and I may not last to long.

I hit my new top score today. 19. Nothing special, but still it's a personal best and I'm pretty happy about it. I should have and could have scored more too. I nicked one that I had been hitting well in defence trying to look for a single. I was disappointed to get out in that way on that track and it now meant that we had to go back out and bowl, that I was more disappointed about.

It hadn't been a warm day and it certainly wasn't warm heading back out to bowl now. The shadows were long, the wind was cold and most of us are pretty tired but we went out there to give it everything.

I got to do my usual role of bowling into the wind, it was quite a good breeze but tomorrow is set to be stronger again. I got through four overs pretty good and then got a crack down wind. I had been looking forward to this and was going to go real hard and crank as much out of my body as I could. I hit some pretty good speeds and I am looking forward to a good run down it tomorrow, although my main role will be from the up wind end where I'll have to work hard getting to the crease and concentrate harder as the wind can blow you off course at the top of the jump. It's more about muscling it there rather than using rhythm to get the ball down the other end.

Lets hope for a good day tomorrow and that we can scythe through the most prolific run scoring team there is.


DejaVu said...

You are absolutely right when time is against you nothing goes right, but still you tried great work. I am fan of your bowling. Keep trying you'll succeed. Take care & Best of luck

Salil said...


Great to see you able to think through a pretty hard day. Liked you description about bowling into the wind - 'it is more about muscling it there rather than using rhythm to get the ball down the other end'.

Congratulations on 100 test runs and your highest test score. This test has been a mixed bag for you so far. I hope your personal luck will continue and you will grab a few wickets - even a 5-for. Good luck mate.


a thinking man said...

They need to bowl you with the wind! You are fighting and as long you are fighting you are still alive. good on ya....dont give up...the weather will DRAW the game but Vettori, as much as I admire him needs to experiment and try all the options with the wind against the wind with new ball...etx

Santosh said...

your team lost its way yesterday, when India was licking its wound by losing those quick wickets the need was to apply more pressure. Indian tale was riding on its luck but then the sharpness in the bowling was just not there.some special efforts in the second innings from your side is what a cricket lover expects.

agmaster said...

good luck today... bowl well.. otherwise these Indians will score big.. Boy, that Sachin is in great form.

vamsyraju said...

Wind is not only the thing against you Brien. I think luck is also. I thought you should have learned some thing from Zaheer khan. He turned from a ordinary bowler to world class bowler, thanks to county cricket. It changed him a lot.

Suresh said...

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and giving us a front-seat view of the action as it happens.

You are doing quite well for the amount of experience you have so far. I hope and pray that you develop well as a great cricketer, and the same goes for teh New Zealand cricket team. You have a great bunch of blokes out in your team, and in my view they will always be winners.

Jithu Reddy said...

I only started reading ur blog today and its a great feeling while reading your experience on the field.

Visveswaran Rajamani Iyer said...

O'Brien good to see you blogging Wishing you all success from the Bottom of my heart.

Akshay said...

Hey Iain, I guess it can be nerve jangling bowling to this batting line-up. As an Indian I have been telling my friends to get used to seeing the Indian team win consistently now. But I have great respect for the way the Kiwis play their cricket, hard-fought and out there! Best of luck and keep writing! Gives interesting insights into the mind of a sportsman.

Anonymous said...

tough luck having to go back out bowling so soon Ian. Thought your final spell on day 2 was the quickest for either side this series. perhaps some irritation with your top and middle order? best of luck for day 3 although you're up against it.


Ganesh PS said...

Hi Ian...good blog once again...very frank opinion...i would like ask two questions:

1)Who is yur all time favorite batsman (one right hand and one left hand)

2) Who is yur favorite fast bowler and spin bowler

Ganesh (Delhi -India)

Achyut Telang said...

I was watching the match and when I saw you beat your highest score, I knew there would be a mention because I feel you like batting and take it seriously personally it's been good for you- 50 wickets, beating your own highest score AND getting to 100 runs!

Visveswaran Rajamani Iyer said...

Hi Obrien, Excellent Delivery that you had bowled VVS Laxman, beauty oa a delivery.

Anshul said...

Great ball to get Laxman out. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Bowling.Really liked your determination and Hardwork.
Its a bit too late an advise -Why are you not geeting close to the stumps and bowling.Indians are good at chasing the away ball.

ABHIJIT said...

First time i have seen a blog from a cricketer..good to see such a blog ..nice try and ur bowling is also pity good but as i m an Indian so a bit sad tht u hv taken the wicket of my favorite batsman "Gambhir" [/:)].
Anyway god luck for ur Future..bye see u again in ur next blog..

Rohan said...

hey Ian,
I was wondering if you were actually writing the blog urself or hired some pr agency or a publicist to do the dirty work for you?
If you are actually doing it urself, I have HUGE respect and LOVE for you !!!
I would be very very pleased (and am sure other fans too would be) to listen to ur podcasts or watch some vids shot by you capturing some of ur and ur team mates' comments. Also some of the behind the scene stories about the stuff that goes on in the dressing room.
It would be cool.
I am not being rude here, but do this only if u r genuinely writing this blog urself. I would not want to see previously published art here on ur blog uploaded by ur publicist.
@ publicists - ofence intended!

Nasir said...

U bowled well today but it was all batsmen's paradise I think and I am really disappointed with this expected to see some seaming wickets at Newzeland( after Long Indian season home) with loads of swing but to my dismay all wickets were batting pitches........:O(

The special incutter you bowled today it was superb Awesome How did u get to do it was it an uneven surface or is there any trick..??

ash said...

It should be admitted that the Indians are on song but there was an opprotunity when you could keep them down-when they were six down. It would have been good to try Jessy bowl a few to help the pacers to recharge their batteries and also give variation-maybe Vettori should look at that angle.You are a hard trier and we see how much effort you put in. But just one alone cant make the difference-its a team effort as Indians showed-Good luck in the next innings-and by the way losing to a strong side is as good as a win.

gamuku said...

Hi O'Brein its great to see ur blogging-Congrats and continue this work yaar.