Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The New Site

Right then, it's finally happened. You can now find my blog at:

It's not quite 100% finished, but it's there, it up and it looks pretty good, I think. I's appreciate your feedback too, leave a comment here, maybe also tell me some things you'd like to see in it....

I'll be putting up a post either tonight or tomorrow morning so get there and have a lookie.

Stay in touch



Arjun said...

I just checked out the blog, it looks pretty cool, nice pic.
You should work on the aesthetics of the blog a bit more though. Otherwise, dude, your writings are awesome, wherever you put them, I will follow them, as well as your cricketing career ( that went without saying, but still!).
Keep playing and writing! All the best man.

sandoz said...

I don see any new feature in your blog except the empty sponsor banners!! It would be really great if you can post in blogger too.. I do not want to create a new account just for your blog.. blogger was doing a pretty job with updates of any new blogs posted.. I am not sure whether your new site has such features or not.. Good luck!!