Saturday 22 November 2008

NZ vs Aust - Gabba - Day Three

... and we're in the shit.

As we head into Day 4 we need 184 runs with four wickets in hand. And of those four wickets there is Tom and I who average 2.5 and 4, respectively. From both of us, this isn't good enough. Yes, we are bowlers, but it is our job to score more runs that we currently do! So, fingers crossed, we do better tomorrow when our chance to 'shine' comes.

We've taken 20 Australian wickets for 482. If you had of offered me that at the start of the game, I would have agreed, very quickly. As a bowling unit we are as happy as we could be in the situation that we're in. It hurts to know that tomorrows task is a little tough, sure stranger things have happened in cricket, but not many.

I headed out to the field this morning with heavy legs. The problem with having been on the park for the majority of the previous two days. It didn't take me to long to find some rhythm or swing for that matter. With both we were in with a chance. It just didn't work out like that, alas. I dropped Katich early in the day, a return catch that would have been something special, but I still dropped it. Something we just couldn't afford to do. Had we have opened up Katich's end it could have been such a different day. He batted fantastically in this innings an to carry his bat through is very special. A gutsy and determined innings. I guess he had to after contributing to Clarke's run out!

It just wasn't my day. I beat the edge enough times to have got one nick, but didn't. It just didn't go to plan. My first spell felt pretty good, my second, by this stage I was feeling pretty tired, wasn't so good. I was really pushing for rhythm and pace, it just wasn't there, as happens when the body has been put though its paces. And this spell really didn't go to plan. I was to wide that they didn't play me, I was to straight and got clipped through the leg side. It just wasn't happening. And we needed it to! Oh, boy did we need it to!

I really am at a loss for words tonight, this is tough.

Our batting this afternoon was, well, not the best, but it was pretty good too. The boys got out in ways that were within their game plans. There was no 'bad' shots, just some really good bowling and some boys that were out there doing their best to knock off 327. Who knows, with a little more luck this afternoon, it could all be so different.

Our coach, Braces, had some good words at the end of the day; it doesn't change the scoreboard, it doesn't make me feel any better, I don't think they were supposed to, but they were honest and heartfelt and we will be better cricketers after a day like today.


kassto said...

Iain, don't worry, it's been a rivetting Test match. The Aussies would've been hoping for an easy morale boost, against the walk-over Kiwis, after being pummelled in India, and you guys have made them work bloody hard, and look harrassed.
And look at the league team — Kiwis can do it! The Aussies'll be smarting over that one. You guys can do it too.

Polo said...

Really enjoying your posts Iain :)

The whole team bowled really well in that test, you guys should be really proud, to bowl any Aussie team out for less than 300 in both innings in Australia is a brilliant effort. A shame the batsmen couldnt get it together, hopefully it all clicks in Adelaide. Taylor is looking good though, that 80 odd he scored was a gem of an innings, really pleasing to watch.

Good luck for Adelaide mate, am hoping you do well and the boys can get up and give it to the Aussies. There is nothing i'd like more than seeing Ponting's smug face after the kiwi's have handed his team a belting, i'm sure you wouldnt mind that either :P

Looking forward to the next installment :)