Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Day Before the Big Series

Last time I sat to type we were 2-2 in a 5 match series against the Aussies; that's a while ago now. No apologies, I've just been really busy. The series stayed level after a wash out in Brisbane, a match I think we would have won seven out of ten times from that position. The T20 a couple of days later we lost, too many dot balls marred our batting innings from a position of strength to one of desperation. We couldn't quite get over the line, a very disappointing way to finish a close series, one that we could have won and taken the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy back across the Tasman.

Now I sit here in Christchurch with the dreams of warmer climates in my head. The tour to Aust was a warm one, most days there around and above 30 C, it's 14 C today, not warm enough for me, and really not warm enough for our opponents. Oh well, poor them; welcome to NZ boys! I actually passed most of them in the street yesterday, rugged up, I bet they can't casually walk along the street at home, they must be loving it, apart from the weather, that is.

Tomorrow nights T20 I am looking forward to. Huge interest over here - this is the big tour here of the summer. The series against the Windies was weather marred, hopefully we get full opportunity to play these games in some great weather on some great decks, although if the cold weather helps us make the visitors feel uncomfortable, I'll take evey advantage we can get.

Sine getting back from Aust I've missed one T20 for Wellington, a rest after the tour, and been back for the two remaining matches. Had a couple of great days out at a special place called Castle Point, great beaches and just an amazing place! One wash out and the second one, up in the lovely Mt Manguanui at Bay Park, on a lovely day where we, Wellington, had a one sided win. I was only needed for two overs at the start of the innings, was coming back for a third in the 20th over except we bowled them out in the 19th; Graham Napier finishing off a great season for Wellington by picking up a couple of cheap wickets in his four overs before he heads off to join the England 'A' team on their tour of NZ. Nap's has been great over here for Wellington, his season has been brilliant for both himself and us. He's bowled with pace, energy and smarts the whole time and I look forward to seeing him in the IPL and in the English domestic season. Great job mate, catch ya soon, hopefully in a County match over there!

Right then, till Thurs, where I'll be blogging the T20 match vs the Indians, that'll do for now. Enjoy.

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And if your interested, I'm getting on average 2,348 views a day, with my best day at 26,000 hits. Amazing, huh!! I can't believe it! That's some pretty good numbers and it's only going to get bigger during this Indian series; if you want to be a part of it.

Thanks, everyone, for reading and having an interest!


Anonymous said...

IOB, Castlepoint (one word) is a gem. Agreed. Wasn't too windy.

Roll on the fine but cold weather.

Tarun said...

Hey Brien.

I will be glued to your blog as the series go on.

May the best team win. :D

KD. K Bodhi said...

Ian please. The last 25 years of insults and disappointments of being an Indian fan are finally paying off. We are winning a few matches. Please don't spoil my party.

And why do you have Fulton in the team? He never scores. Get in Flynn. Please. Pretty please:)

Iain O'Brien said...

I just had to delete a comment talking about clicking on the adverts, I'm not allowed to promt you to do that in my blog and am not allowed you to say the same either, as much as I appreciate it....

Please don't get me in trouble!!

Anonymous said...

You signed for a county side?.

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal performance in the 1st T20! Getting Gambhig and Sehwag on consecutive balls would have felt really good - and to pick up Sehwag at the stage you did, in my mind, was enough to get you MoM! Raina took your bowling apart in your last over (which was slog time anyway), but outside of that, great job!

Was also impressed by Vettori's bowling and the run chase. 162 was never enough for that ground.

India will come back more cautious in the next game. Try not to have them chase ;).

- Leo

Anonymous said...

Congrats Iain. A great win in Christchurch mate. Good luck in Wellington on Friday. And I sure won't tell anyone to click on the links either!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...


I didn't know you were going into acting as well!
You must be getting a hefty sum from it though runs all through the day here in the uk. I think the song was released as well. Amazing.
Looking good.