Sunday 8 April 2012

Football vs Cricket

Just a quick thought as I sit on the couch and watch this Man U v QPR match. (8/4/12)

In cricket if a batsman signals to the umpire that they have hit it the ball (LBW appeal), or not hit it (a catch) and via replays it shows that batsman was trying to influence the decision with their actions then they can, and will be, dragged before the match referee and face a charge - usually in the form of a fine of match fee.

Why can this not be brought into football? Why, if some one 'dives,' and it's an obvious 'dive,' can't that player be sanctioned? Depending on the result of the dive (eg penalty and scores) the punishment is handed out to varying degrees, starting with fines and leading to match bans.

I know this won't fix the case where a penalty, and then subsequent red card, decides a match in progress, but maybe, just maybe it might control some of the absurd and match deciding diving that takes place.


Unknown said...

Nice post about football i like it

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SL said...

Hi Iain

yes, there's quite a lot that football could learn from cricket.

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