Saturday, 25 October 2008

OB's Test Match Blog - Bangladesh - Test One - Day Three

Officially, my radiator needs looking at. I was proper cooked this afternoon. Temperature hitting 37 and I'm in a 6 over spell. I'd bowled 4 and thought Dan was going to take me off; I'd been bowling well, but we'd spoken about short sharp spells and I thought 4 was the limit for a short sharp spell. Alas.... So over number 5 starts and I'm already knackered. I say to Jake, at mid on, "This is going to feel good," a tongue in cheek remark in the hope of picking up a wicket with this ball. I did. I got one to stay a little low and a bottom edge into the stumps. The break through we had been fighting for. FInished that over and definatly though I was done. Thanks Dan, I'll sit on the boundry for a couple of overs and have a drink. Nope, I got to go again. Honestly did not know where the energy was going to come from. I was gone. So, I ran in again. half volley to start, straight to Dan at mid off... right OB, come on, get through it, don't be weak. Next ball, back to the plan, hard into the deck; back on track. The ball was reversing at this stage, so was mixing up slower balls, cross seamers, and length balls with some shape. The last two balls of the over I got to slide away from the right hander from a pretty handy length. Two balls beat the edge on a proper flat one. That is annoying. And I might have shown some displeasure to the batter! Finish the over, Dan walks over and says, "one more?"

"No," for the first time in my career, I think, I turned a captain down when he asked me if I wanted to bowl more. I just couldn't. I wondered around the point boundary for Jeetans next over, sort of floated, wobbled and stumbled. I wasn't to good. Time for me to go off and get the radiator fixed! I got off the park and basically crumbled into a heap at the bottom of the stairs up to the changing room. Sat there for a couple of mins and then got myself up to the changing room; straight to my seat and cold drinks were brought to me, ice towel on my head, banana, protein bar, more drinks. Kinda feeling sick, breathing like I had asthma. Just gone. The body said no...

Sat up there in the cool for 4 overs and got myself back on the park. Still not 100%,but if Dan wanted me to bowl again that night, I had to get back on reasonably quickly. A couple of small empty vomits, a little more wobbling, and soon after I was back on track. Actually started to feel ok.

Didn't have to bowl again, and we picked up a couple more for the night.

These boys have batted well. They've been confident in their defense, they've hit bad balls, they've used their feet and moved well. They are really playing well!

A little side note, if there is coverage, or highlights, check out the front of one of our bowlers trousers. He couldn't get off the park, as he needed to be there.. so he just let a couple of trickles go down his leg... It shows to in his trousers!! There you go, there is some insight!

Right boys, it's time to tend to my swollen feet and get some sleep.

Oh, and by the way, I hope no one saw me get out..


Some highlights can be found here

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