Saturday, 25 October 2008

OB's Test Match Blog - Bangladesh - Test One - Day Two

Well.... Where to start.

I'm pretty darn tired, firstly. This is harder work that you can imagine. My 6 overs this morning were hard. I ran in and it the deck with everything I could. And bowled as well as I could given the circumstances. Only one ball in the 36 that I was pissed about, and that was the last ball of my 6th over, a slower ball which I bowled to wide and to full. My first laps of concentration for the morning. I knew what I was trying to do, just didn't concentrate completely on that delivery. But, as I said, the rest of it was i really happy with.

We stopped two boys that have both batted superbly reaching their 100's. Not a thing we wanted against our names. Never something you want, batters scoring 100's against you. And then we wrapped it up reasonably quick smartly just in time for lunch. Off the park, straight into the ice bath; all I felt like doing was sleeping. Had some lunch, put the skins on and settled in on the physio's table for a massage and a sleep. Although there was to much traffic in and out the door for that to happen! Oh, and by the way, the masseuse is a 5 ft 2 in hairy Bangladeshi man. Speaks about 6 words of English and is actually a pretty good help around the changing room!

And that's where the good stuff finished. What to say about how we batted. Well, I can't really say to much as it was poor. We have these KPI's, targets we want to meet. We meet none of them. And I'm in in the morning with Dan. He'll farm the strike, something I'm fine with, and we'll put on 100 for the 10th wicket. Sweet, no worries! Well, first things first, I have to see Dan through to his 50.

Nothing really much more to add, except that it's going to be another day in the park for us tomorrow. Quite often the media asks us why we have a high injury rate with our quicks. I'll tell you now, for free, it's because we don't bat for long enough and the bowlers don't get enough rest for recovery. Nothing better for bowlers than a day with the feet up.

Catch you all tomorrow night...

Take care


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